International Wheel & Tire (IWT) is a worldwide leader in the integration of wheel and tire assembly and test systems. Headquartered in Michigan – the state that put the world on wheels – we are a premiere supplier for our clients in the auto industry, specializing in system solutions for OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers.

IWT is an innovation company – engineers, designers and technicians who apply considerable curiosity to re-imagining solutions for wheel and tire manufacturing. We tinker, we prototype, we test and revise. All to transform things, to drive toward solutions and fresh approaches that bring more value to our customers. It’s in our DNA. It’s IWT.

IWT understands the array of problems facing our clients across the world. So we assembled a team of experts – with a wide range of backgrounds and technical experience – to provide single-source partnerships that can provide end-to-end solutions. No more juggling multiple suppliers, IWT is the first and last call you need to make for your wheel and tire manufacturing needs.


of products and services


| line of wheel and tire assembly solutions designed by our passionate team of experts.
  • Assembly
    Equipment necessary for mounting, match marking, inflating, and bead exercising wheel & tire assemblies.
  • Testing
    We provide equipment solutions designed and engineered to ensure the proper quality (balance, uniformity, etc.) of wheel and tire assemblies.
  • Integration
    We provide systems and conveyor integrations designed and engineered for data collection, reporting, tracking and tracing processes.
  • Tire Products
    We provide equipment designed and engineered for tire testing.
  • Services
    Our experienced team is available to you anytime day or night.
  • Wheel Products
    We provide equipment designed and engineered for manufacturing and testing wheels.

Leading Brands

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We never tire of having our clients do the talking for us. These are some of the industry leaders we partner with around the world.


IWT is a leading tire and wheel assembly, system integrator and solutions provider offering dynamic assembly and equipment to OEMs and Tier One suppliers in the automotive industry. IWT is also an automotive testing and engineering company providing insights and support for uniformity, mounting and inflation and other turnkey and custom support.

Go Ahead

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With decades of experience in tire and wheel processing and testing, our innovators aim high and look forward to every new challenge that comes our way. Let us worry about your tooling and equipment, so you can focus on production.