Equipment necessary for mounting, match marking, inflating, and bead exercising wheel & tire assemblies.

After years of working on a wide variety of wheel and tire assembly equipment, we have recently licensed some cutting-edge technology from SEIB Industrie GMBH in Germany. This newly licensed assembly equipment complements our existing Product Line which includes all equipment required for TPMs, Loading, Soaping, Match Marking, and Bead Exercising of Wheel & Tire assembly combinations.  These Assembly systems in addition to our Wheel & Tire Testing & Integration Solutions provide our customer with a single source for their Tire & Wheel Automation needs. Our goal is to eliminate any finger pointing on tooling and equipment issues, so our customers can focus on production.

Wheel and Tire Soapers

Our wheel and tire soapers are used in the assembly process to apply a lubricant (commonly referred to as soap) to the wheels and tires before the tire is mounted on a wheel.

Our soapers include:

  • Robotic or traditional tooling soapers
  • Stand-alone or integrated models
  • Contact (brush) and non-contact (pulse-jet nozzles)

In addition, each of our soaper applications feature:

  • 360° application of soap to both wheel flanges and tire beads
  • Non-contact measurement (height & diameter), or measurement based on plant broadcast


Our mounters are designed and engineered to maintain wheel and tire integrity. They reliably use non-contact tire mounting tooling so that class “A” surfaces are not damaged. They are available in multiple configurations, and feature:

  • Single- and double-bead mounting
  • Rotary type mount tooling
  • Torque monitoring for optimized assembly
  • Tire Mount tooling specially designed to not mark/scratch class “A” surfaces
  • Error proofing to detect size mismatch in wheel and tire
  • Run-flat tire compatibility
  • Servo/VFD controlled motions

Match-Mark Systems

Our match-mark systems offer robust solutions for identifying the match-mark sticker/mark on both the wheel and the tire and aligning the two for high-accuracy matching. We offer a variety of configurations and options, and feature:

  • Flexible robotic and traditional high-speed models
  • Color Vision Cameras to detect the angle between the wheel and tire sticker/mark
  • Automatic rotation of the wheel while holding the tire to the correct angle, with a high degree of accuracy
  • Optional Color Audit Cameras to verify correct alignment
  • Servo/VFD controlled motions
  • Manual, Semi-Auto, and Automatic versions available


Our inflators are available as part of our entire mount-and-inflate transfer line, or as modular stand-alone stations that are part of another assembly line. Our inflators feature:

  • PLC controlled inflation
  • Rim-Seal and Uni-Seal configurations
  • Quiet high-speed pressure transducers monitor tire pressure during the inflation cycle, for high inflation accuracy
  • Microprocessor control inflation for high inflation accuracy
  • Booth for Quiet Inflation
  • Audit probes for audit of inflation cycle
  • Optional interfacing with TPMS System

Bead Exercisers

Our Bead Exercisers are used to simulate road conditions on an individual tire-and-wheel assembly, and feature:

  • Contact rollers on the tread of the tire
  • A rotating speed of 15 m.p.h.
  • Skewed pinch rollers
  • Programmable diameter control
  • Programmable pinch depth control

Robot Wheel Cleaner

Our Robotic Wheel Cleaner are used to automatically clean the location of adhesive weight application on the inside of the wheel prior to weight application.

  • Programmable diameter control, with Auto Centering
  • Programmable depth control
  • Microfiber cleaning
  • Programmable “Z” heights for each wheel

Robotic Bore Greaser

  • Any Bore Size, Any Offset with Same Tool
  • Long Life Low Cost Apply Roller with “Quick Change Feature”
  • Force Sensor to Automatically Find Bore Hole no Matter what Size
  • Self Cleaning While Reloading Grease onto Roller
  • Large Capacity Grease Reservoir with Low Alarm
  • Can Straddle Existing Conveyor

Tire Pressure Monitor (TPM) Systems

Our TPM ID systems are used for traceability of tire and wheel assemblies. Capturing this ID is essential for recovering process data for each individual assembly. We have automatic capture stations, as well as manual backup stations, to read and store these TPM IDs for error proofing and reporting purposes. Our TPM systems feature:

  • Antenna read/store and validation systems
  • Stand-alone or integrated units
  • Inflation pressure validation
  • Track/trace and tie balance data to sensor ID
  • Installation systems
  • Nut-runner or snap-in type
  • Bin-pick error proofing
  • One- and two-person systems
  • Multiple torque profiles
  • Ergonomic design
  • Torque and angle tracking, recording and tracing