Data collection and part conveyance are critical components for manufacturing. As production processes have become more complex, the methods for part tracking, data collection, and reporting have been improved to keep pace. Our robust systems are offer solutions that capture and report data for your Just In Time manufacturing needs. These products work seamlessly with our wheel and tire assembly and testing systems.

Tracking System

Our tracking system solution brings it all together. It serves as the supervisory control and data acquisition system, and is the central hub that connects multiple pieces of equipment to the office level reporting and recipe management systems. Our tracking systems feature:

  • A schedule interface
  • Part trafficking and routing
  • Outbound VIN sequencing
  • Part code setup and part type management
  • A PLC-based system to ensure reliability
  • Support for multiple routes with splitting and re-blending

Electronic Process Visual Aid (ePVA)

Our ePVA systems can be located at a number of different points along the assembly line, from start to finish. Some popular applications include:

  • Wheel load
  • Tire Load
  • TPM install operations
  • Replace points for bad/buffer stock
  • Final Inspection
  • Video-based help and station training

Metrics Dashboards

Our Metrics Dashboards sync with our part tracking system, or as a stand-alone plant monitoring system for tracking quality, availability, and equipment performance, and feature:

  • The ability to watch the plant in real time with live department metrics or key performance indicators (KPI)
  • Automatic collection of metrics data which is stored it an SQL database
  • The ability for individual station drill down analysis to diagnose root cause problems
  • Finished goods inventory management with live float levels

Tire Pressure Monitor (TPM) Systems

Our TPM ID systems are used for traceability of tire and wheel assemblies. Capturing this ID is essential for recovering process data for each individual assembly. We have automatic capture stations, as well as manual backup stations, to read and store these TPM IDs for error proofing and reporting purposes. Our TPM systems feature:

  • Antenna read/store and validation systems
  • Stand-alone or integrated units
  • Inflation pressure validation
  • Track/trace and tie balance data to sensor ID
  • Installation systems
  • Nut-runner or snap-in type
  • Bin-pick error proofing
  • One- and two-person systems
  • Multiple torque profiles
  • Ergonomic design
  • Torque and angle tracking, recording and tracing