IWT offers an extensive range of wheel and tire testing solutions, carefully designed by our team and subjected to rigorous case testing. As balance experts, we are well known in the industry for providing reliable and robust solutions, Our products are utilized in major automotive OEM facilities. Our testing products, along with our wheel and tire assembly and integration products, constitute our comprehensive wheel and tire manufacturing solutions.  

Accu-Bal™ Dynamic Balancer

Our Dynamic wheel & tire balancer is one of our premiere products and has catapulted IWT into a leading expert in the wheel and tire industry. We offer a wide range of models designed and engineered to meet your individual needs and production rates, and feature:

  • Excellent accuracy and repeatability
  • Direct drive/integrated servo controlled balance spindles
  • Mid-plane correction capability
  • Batch or in-sequence capability
  • Comprehensive diagnostics
  • Easily integrated in-plant configurations
  • Onboard database management easily integrated to plant FIS systems

Robotic Weight Apply System

The Robotic Weight apply works in tandem with the Accu-Bal™ Dynamic Balancer and Feed-N-Cut system to apply calculated weight(s) to a wheel and tire assembly. As automotive companies move toward stick-on weights, it is critical to automate this process and our robotic weight application system is the perfect solution.

  • Single and Dual Plane Models Available
  • Fast Cycle Times
  • Press Force Sensor
  • Tape “Backing Recycle System”
  • Decoiler with “Quick Change” Coil Feature for reduced change over time.

Precise-Press™ Wet-Out Tool

Our manual wet-out ensures that adhesive weights are installed properly on a wheel at the right location and with maximal wet-out.

  • Single- and dual-plane models
  • Programmable “Z” heights for each wheel
  • Our “Level Sensing” feature for correct placement
  • Infrared “Class 2” laser pointers for operator visual alignment
  • PLC logic controls with diagnostics
  • Support for multiple diameters

Feed-N-Cut System

Our Feed-N-Cut system syncs with our Accu-Bal™ Dynamic Balancer and Robotic Weight Apply System to dispense calculated weight(s) for a wheel and tire assembly. As automotive companies move toward stick-on weights, they are looking to simplify this process. Our carefully designed Feed-N-Cut system is the perfect solution, and features:

  • We offer systems for both (continuous / segmented) weights
  • Tried and tested – Our first feed and cut system in production since Jan 2011
  • Standard blade with “quick change” feature on cutter
  • Available 3-position diverter
  • Spool transport cart and beam for coils management